We believe in the person you are, the things you have achieved, and all the things you will accomplish in the future.

Life is hard. It can be overwhelming. And sometimes, it really helps to have someone to talk to who understands.


If you or someone you know are having thoughts of suicide or depression please:


(BC Crisis Centre Call Line – open 24-hours-a-day with experienced and compassionate volunteers available)


Additional resources include:

1. Kids’ Help Phone (24 hours) –  1-800-668-6868

2. Distress Line (24 hours) –  604-872-3311 (lower mainland) or 1-866-661-3311 (toll free)

3. Call 911


If you want to share your experiences with other teens, get email support, or chat online with a volunteer, please visit YouthInBC.com

Remember – all these calls are confidentual, but try not to worry about that – instead, just get someone who will hear you!


It’s normal to feel depressed!

We all get down at times. It could be about the weather, our job, school, our weight, complexion, our friends (or lack of), or, we may get down in the dumps for no real reason.

It happens, it’s okay, and it passes. But there is a big difference between having a bad case of the blues and real depression. Like real depression. Being sad, that’s like when you get a little moody, agitated or have the occasional cry, happens to us all.

But when the feelings last over a period of weeks and months and, when, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to shake them off, the sense of hopelessness then things could be serious and you may need help. It’s like when you’re crying everyday, when you don’t care about your appearance, or your friends. and when you don’t want to get out of bed.

The good thing is – help is at hand, and depression (if that is the problem) can be treated. (Young people are being treated for it much more than you know.) You don’t have to suffer from depression. Nobody does! You can get help.

It’s amazing, but the struggle you may face now will eventually become a great source of strength. Remember we (and that’s you) are all needed, everyone of us. The bad WILL pass – it always does. And if you have been so low that you have thoughts about suicide don’t wait it out in the hope that you mood might improve.

When a person has been feeling down for so long, it’s sometime hard to understand that suicide isn’t the answer. It’s like you’re down for so long that you don’t know what “up looks, or feel like.

And so, at the risk of sounding “preachy” ….resist peer pressure …don’t be overly concerned about your popularity …trust yourself, and be honest with yourself …develop goals …be happy in sharing the success of others …tap into your talents And at the end of the day you might just move mountains.

So talk. You must talk.

Talk to anyone you know and as soon as you can. It could be a friend, coach, relative, family doctor, teacher, or neighbor.