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The BMO Vancouver Marathon is a world-class event, attracting attention across the globe. In addition to running as individuals, runners have the opportunity to join a charity’s team – receiving a seriously discounted runner registration in return for your amazing support! In return, charity runners are expected to fund raise for their supported organization – in this case, The Josh Platzer Society for Teen Suicide Prevention and Awareness. We ask that our adult runners use their participation as an opportunity to fund raise for the Josh Platzer Society, asking that our runners aim to fundraise at least $200. If you do not meet this goal – YES, you can still run! Remember – all charity runners receive a highly discounted registration fee to participate in the marathon – in return, runners fund raise for their chosen charity/non-profit.

By running with a charity, you are making a direct, positive impact on your local community. The Josh Platzer Society is a locally run non-profit, where fundraising and proceeds go directly to our key impact missions:

1) school workshop and presentations

2) awareness outreach campaign across British Columbia

 3) organizing and running events such as this marathon, and our annual silent auction fundraiser

The benefit to supporting an organization like The Josh Platzer Society is that any money we raise goes directly to these three initiatives. Josh Platzer Society members and staff are unpaid, ensuring all of the money raised in our name goes straight to teen suicide prevention and awareness!

Whether your are considering a full marathon, half marathon, or the 8KM run/8K Teen Challenge, contact us! We have a growing group of diverse runners we are adding to every year, and we would be happy to have you join our team.


If you are interested in running with the Josh Platzer Society this year, please contact us for more information. We will contact you with addtional information, and will be able to answer any questions you may have about our society and/or the Vancouver Marathon. Once you have confirmed you would like to run with us, we will send you a special discount code that will allow you to register for the marathon at a much lower rate – the charity runner rate! This steep discount is because you are joining our team and making an effort to reach your $200 fundraising goal. Remember – if you don’t reach your goal that is ok! You can run regardless. Every dollar you are able to raise goes directly to a great cause!

If you would like to run with the Josh Platzer Society, or would like additional information, please contact us to start the conversation – once we have confirmed you want to join our team, we will send you the discounted registration code, and you can officially join our team! We are excited to have you on board!

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